Lanterna Maritime Simulation

Be-software’s Lanterna software is the result of extensive experience in the fields of navigation, automation and hydrodynamics, which has made it a realistic and reliable research and training tool. The simulation can deal with simplistic navigation and collision avoidance scenarios to highly complex pilotage and towage maneuvers.

Lanterna Lighthouse


Lanterna is a icon of Genova. The ancient lighthouse has guided mariners for centuries. It is a part of the rich maritime history of Genova. So too the Lanterna Maritime Simulation software developed here in this vibrant port city.

One of the main characteristics of the Lanterna simulator is the capability to assemble the various system components (consoles, visual displays, and instrumentation, ship and area models) as a function of the technical and budgetary constraints of the customer, while using always the same software.

The Lanterna System configuration can satisfy the different requirements of customers, spanning from the full mission bridge simulator, with 360° horizontal fields of view, ship motion apparatus and complete bridgeconsole replication with real instrumentation, down to a single desk computer where all instruments and controls are reproduced by software on its screens, together with the 2D or 3D presentation of the ship kinematics.

The Lanterna System line has different fields of application as shown in the diagram below, and can easily meet the Standards of Training, Certification and  Watchkeeping STCW 1995 incorporating the Manila Amendments.

It is possible to organize and manage basic or advanced training courses using Be-software Lanterna simulation which covers the following training requirements:

  • Part Task Instrument training in Radar, ARPA, ECDIS and AIS
  • IMO Model Courses (Radar, ARPA and ECDIS)
  • ECDIS Type Approval Training
  • STCW Training (all aspects from Watchkeeper to Master unlimited)
  • Naval Fleet Formation Training
  • Bridge Resource Management Training
  • Pilotage and Advanced Shiphandling Training
  • Tugmaster Ship Assist Training (ASD, Voith, Rotor and Conventional)
  • BargeMaster Training
  • IALA Vessel Traffic Service  IALA Model Courses (Operator and Supervisor)
  • Search and Rescue Training
  • Revalidation and Refresher Training
  • Helmsman Training
  • Emergency Response Training
  • GMDSS Training
  • Yachtmaster Training