Bridge Simulator

Lanterna is a modern and ergonomic style simulator, designed in order to offer highly professional and realistic solutions, which minimizes the differences between simulation and reality. Each component or device of the simulation is the result of technology, style and efficiency, going from the touch screen mimic displays to real equipment like radars, ECDIS, AIS, sonar, echo sounder and autopilot for example.

Lanterna can be configured  to satisfy any requirement for training and operative purposes within budget. Bridge simulators are divided in three categories, following the IMO requirements and Lanterna can fulfill each category

“Full Mission Simulator” a system able to reproduce all possible operational scenarios which can occur on board a ship, inclusive of, and not only, restricted water navigation, shallow water, ship to ship interaction, tug operation and actions, mooring lines, fenders and anchors.

“Multi Task Simulator” a system like the “Full Mission Simulator” but without the capabilities of restricted water navigation.

“Limited Task Simulator” a system limited in its operatively, because of an incomplete instrumentation or without the visual representation of the 3D environment.