GMDSS Simulator

The GMDSS simulated equipment, whether hardware based or software, fully meets the requirements of relevant SOLAS regulations, ITU Radio Regulations and IMO STCW’95 requirments for the courses General Operator Certificate (GOC) and Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC).

In the GMDSS ship station are simulated all radio communications equipment necessary for the areas A1 – A4. The system allows the customer to connect either near replica GMDSS stations with software version stations, up to a maximum of 48 ship stations.

The GMDSS station can operate in two different modes, the ground station (Coast Station) or on-board station (Ship Station). The system consists of all the equipment necessary to perform exercises dealing with complex issues relating to training GMDSS / SAR.

One aspect to highlight is the possible synergy that the customer can have between the GMDSS system and part/multi task simulators or full mission bridge simulators, for ultimate realism in the training course.

The “Near replica” GMDSS version and the software GMDSS version simulate both the same equipment, the difference is in the realism of the hardware version and especially in having three independent audio channels, radio VHF, MF / HF radio and satellite / B, while the software version has a single shared audio channel.

The GMDSS station consists of the following panels:

  • VHF Radio and VHF DSC
  • MFHF Radio and MFHF DSC
  • Navtex
  • Inmarsat C with EGC receiver
  • Inmarsat A text and audio communications
  • Inmarsat B text and audio communications
  • Radiotelex/NRDB

A Fleet 77 panel is also available.
There is also the possibility to record audio communications through a special process software.