Portable Simulator

The desk simulator of the Lanterna Maritime Simulator is the result of the continuous research and development to offer more flexible and modular solutions without losing the valuable characteristics of the simulation system. That is, the portable or simpler desk version has the same functionalities of the bridge simulator. The minimum configuration is made with an instructor station and a trainee station or it is possible to use a trainee station running only fully preprogrammed exercises.


As for the bridge simulator it is possible to assemble the various software and hardware modules in order to get the most suitable configuration as for the specific customer needs.

The instructor station runs the same software as the bridge simulator with the same functionalities and using the same scenarios and ship models.

The trainee station can be configured with only one PC and one or up to four monitors, where there are software implemented console instrumentation the radar / ARPA , ECDIS, GMDSS and, if requested, also a channel of the vision system. Operations are made by means of the touch screen or mouse and keyboard. The system is open to any other kind of software or hardware instrumentation, like AIS or real radar, and maneuvering consoles for example. This is a very inexpensive solution which can be suitable for portable simulation.