Onboard System

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Onboard System

Be-software, provides a range of specific systems to be installed on board ships. Following is a list of latest onboard systems installed and sales:

Year Society Place Type
2016 Pizzorno & Lini Genova Telegraph interface board to VDR System
2016 Elettrica Group Napoli Telegraphs
2015 Corsica Ferries – Ship System  Srl Vado Ligure Exhaust Gas Monitoring Systems – PEM++
 2015 Ship System srl Genova Telegraphs
2015 Bambini S.r.l. Ravenna Telegraphs for Tugs
2015 Navigazione Adriatica S.r.l. Cesenatico Telegraphs
2015 Maestrale S.r.l. Cesenatico Telegraphs
2015 Righetti Navi S.r.l. Cesenatico Telegraphs
2015 CD Automazione Genova Telegraphs
2015 Arvigo srl Genova Rudder  boards
2015 Fincantieri SPA Genova Stabilizer Fin Control Systems
2015 Fincantieri SPA Genova Thruster control panels
2015 Pizzorno & Lini Genova Torquemeter Systems – PEM++
2015 Ship System Srl Genova Torquemeter Systems – PEM++