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Fleet Survey++

The hints to develop the FleetSurvey++ system were, on one hand, the fuel consumption and its increasing cost weight in the ship economy management and the more and more severe anti-pollution international regulations, and on the other hand the definition of strategies for the reduction of fuel consumption and the relevant exhaust gas emissions. FleetSurvey++ acts as a tool capable of analyzing and comparing data that are heterogeneous between them because of different weather and sea operating conditions, and to identify the best strategy for reducing both consumption and emissions.


The FleetSurvey++ process, installed in the shipping company technical office, receives via network the data collected by the program PEM++ installed on board each fleet ship, and through their careful analysis identifies the most appropriate occurrence of activities aimed at reduction in fuel consumption and emissions of exhaust gases. These activities, identifiable substantially in the cleaning of the propeller blades and hull, and in the maintenance of the main engine and the various auxiliary equipment, are traditionally programmed with a certain periodicity, while the Fleet Survey++ highlights during the year the actual need and specifies the type and the achievement of predetermined significant threshold values.

The major features of this software is that it is able to standardize the data which by their nature are not comparable in that they are affected considerably by environmental (wave, wind, current) and operating (load and speed) conditions. This process of reduction to the “common denominator” is obtained with the introduction of appropriate weights able to assess the effects induced by agents such as weather as sea such as added resistance and reduction of the propeller hydrodynamic performance.

The system architecture of the FleetSurvey++ can be resumed as follows: