PEM++ (Propulsion Efficiency Monitor)

The PEM++ (Propulsion Efficiency Monitor) system is installed on board ship, normally on the bridge and in the engine control room .The software captures and processes data from various electronic components and make them available to the on board operators.

Sensors and instruments interfaced with the PEM ++ are typically:

  • propeller rpm, torque, thrust and power measuring system
  • engine equipment fuel flow and temperature measuring system
  • exhaust gas emission analyzer (optional)
  • two axis gyroscope for pitch and roll measurement
  • log
  • anemometer
  • GPS (position, COG, SOG)
  • gyro compass

furthermore for a complete vision of the power performance the following values are needed:

  • rudder angle
  • power plant production
  • power plant fuel consumption
  • boiler fuel consumption

The system is able to interface via various protocols 
with any other additional sensor or monitoring system.


Data usually displayed are:

  • Propeller rpm
  • Propeller shaft torque (kNm)
  • Propeller power (MW)
  • Propeller thrust (kN)
  • Fuel flow (kg/h) (engine inlet and, if present, outlet and their difference)
  • Fuel temperature (°C)
  • Ship speed (knots)
  • Engine speific consumption (g/kWh)
  • Travel specific consumption (t/nm)
  • Runs, consumption, work and miles counters
  • Rpm, fuel flow, power and speed mean values
  • Significant wave height (m)
  • Sea wave period (s)
  • Sea encounter angle (deg)
  • Spreading  exponent

All information can be displayed in both alphanumeric and graphical format. The PEM++ software is a module of the most complex system Fleetsurvey++ that allows to manage the entire fleet at the owner’s office.