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Accident Investigation

The simulation system can be used for in-depth analysis of shipping accidents due to unforeseen events, failures, extreme environmental conditions and human error, or their combination. The Lanterna simulation system provides an excellent tool for the considered use of the accident investigator.

The accident analysis scope is the deterministic and quantitative definition of all events and the resulting effects occurred during the manoeuver, object of investigation, which can be used if necessary in the legal or regulatory environment for the drafting of regulations designed to prevent the same situations in the future.

The first step of this type of investigation is performed by reproducing the accident in the virtual 2D or 3D reality, by rebuilding the scenario, weather and sea conditions and ships involved, mainly using data provided by the customer (VDR, AIS, owners registration systems, video footage, recorded communications).

The dynamic behavior of the ships involved requires careful calibration of mathematical models through the results of the tests of maneuverability issued by the competent bodies, as well as a precise definition of the initial conditions of the ship along its degrees of freedom.

For a perfect and precise playback, commands to the steering and propulsion devices are read from the file appropriately and previously recorded, and included in the mathematical simulation model.

For subsequent evaluations one can proceed assuming different circumstances that involve the adoption of different strategies for the manoeuver than those actually performed or, if possible, to analyze in detail the individual components of inertial forces and of those due to the various propulsion and steering devices obtained on the basis of the trajectories of the ships involved. The system Lanterna offers the possibility to operate in the two modes.