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Risk Assessment

Simulation systems, both 2D and 3D, are the basic tools to process a risk analysis, because they give the possibilty to obtain a consistent set of results related to the  manoeuvrability studies. These kind of studies, executed in a defined operating area running a ship model which reacts with high accuracy and fidelity to the steering and propulsion controls, give the possibility to reproduce with high accuracy any type of manoeuvre, following strategies previously defined and based on the experience of masters and pilots,  on the navigation rules and the set environmental and traffic conditions. The Lanterna simulation system is a useful tool for the risk assessor.

Fast Time Simulator

The analysis of the time history of the physical dynamic and kinematic variables recorded during each manoeuvre, gives the possibility to evaluate the manoeuvre itself as quantitative parameters.

For a quantitative evaluation of the manoeuvre it is necessary to fix a threshold value for each physical parameter, in order to highlight crytical situations as a consequence of safety considerations and rules. The stastistical analysis of these evaluations yields to a complete evaluation of the risk occured in any manoeuvre.

To overcome the reasonable limited number of simulation runs, to be used for the statistical analysis, a Fast Time Simulator is under development, in order to increase the population of manoeuvres needed for a correct statistical approach to the problem.

As a consequence of the risk assesment, a training is proposed to the watch officers involved in the operating scenario, result of the study, in order to get acquainted with the resulting solutions and strategies.