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Who We Are

Be-Software was founded in 2005 in Genova Italy with the goal to enter the markets of maritime simulation, port development and maneuverability studies, accident investigation research, risk assessment projects, fuel efficiency and pollution control software and instrumentation.

Despite it’s young age, Be-software has a solid foundation, grounded in the maritime experience of Doctor Fulvio Tosi, Doctor Bruno Chilò, Bruce Goodchild and the software experience of Donato Pio Iasi.

Our Team

Bruno Chilò

Bruno Chilò graduated in Physics at the Genova University and began his activity in CETENA (1974-1987) doing research studies on sea keeping, maneuverability and propeller efficiency.  During this period, he made experimental trials on board ships and contributed to the development of ship maneuver models using the first personal computers on the market. He continued his activity in Estramed S.p.A., an experimental laboratory of maritime engineering in Pomezia (Roma). Later he joined INSEAN, the main Italian ship towing tank and hydrodynamics research institute (1996-2000), as Manager of the “Canale di Circolazione” and of the Maneuverability Experimental Station in the Nemi lake. In 2000 he came back to Genova (2000-2002) with Sindel s.r.l. where he worked on the development of the ship maneuver mathematical model running in the full bridge simulator. Since 2002 he continues his activity as consultant for maneuverability studies, sea keeping, wave propagation and the development of experimental measuring systems.

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Bruce Goodchild

Bruce Goodchild is a Hydrographic Surveyor (Category A) and Master Mariner (Class 1 unlimited) graduating in 1988 from the University of Tasmania and Australian Maritime College. Working in the Australian shipping and offshore oil and gas industries, he specializes in navigation systems and simulation. From 1991 to 1999 he worked at the Australian Maritime College and finished as Program Head (Navigation) and Manager Simulation. He was a founder and the Technical Director for 14 years of a simulation, consulting and training organization, Pivot Maritime. He has extensive experience in port development studies and consultancies involving pilotage, towage and vessel traffic management.  In 2015 he joined BE-Software as a partner.

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Donato Pio Iasi

Donato Pio Iasi began his activity in 1991 at the Finrex S.p.A. with the responability of the development of different projects by using the ADABAS/NATURAL technology from Software AG in OS2 applications with LAN-MANAGER and Windows 3.1. In 1995 he became an independent professional and initiated his collaboration with different companies working in the field of naval simulation and automation. In 2005 he founded the company Be-software s.r.l.

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